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Unveiling: The New Echo Rift Logo

Things are happening quickly behind the scenes here at Echo Rift HQ.  First off - Branding.

Mike and I were ultimately unhappy with the “beta” Echo Rift logo we decided upon back in October.  The size was difficult to place in a square or a horizontal space, and despite the fact that the original logo hints at a classic comic-book/science-fiction motif, it just wasn’t dynamic enough for us.

We hit the drawing board knowing that the new iteration of Echo Rift requires a better wordmark - something that can be utilized at multiple sizes and fits easily into horizontal spaces.  We wanted something bold and somewhat cutting edge.

Therefore we bring you, the new Echo Rift wordmark:

And yes, there is a deliberate “fuzzing” effect on the letters, that’s not your monitor or a bad scan.  Maybe this is a risky decision, we’ll see.  So far, we are really pleased with it.

What do you think?

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