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Evolution of a Comic Book Cover, Part 1

In conjunction with the soon-to-be relaunched and rebranded Echo Rift, Mike has been working on a cover for our first short, titled “Epilogue”.

In this post, we want to show not only the process of bringing a comic cover from rough sketch concept, but also demonstrate the immense value provided by critique.

The concept started here, with this rough image:

Don commented that Hurry (the Rabbitoid) was a little too cute looking, and that the camera probably needed to be panned back more.

Mike then presented this following version to our circle over at Springwinder (along with this rough Echo Rift logo that looks nothing like what we ultimately decided to go with):

Mike received excellent feedback.  Tom Dell’Aringa took the image and worked it up, with his immensely helpful suggestions:

Steve Ogden, Eric Orchard, and Paul Frick also chimed in with suggestions - mostly to develop the darker areas more and some other compositional suggestions.

Mike then produced this draft for review, and everyone agreed it was time to finalize:

And… here we are - the final inks for the Cover of “Epilogue”:

We think it came out really well, what do you think?

Before too long, we’ll post Part 2, as the colors and logoing is accomplished.

Oh - and in the meantime, our friend Eric released a digital comic the other day called Marrowbones - 47 pages for $2, you can’t beat it - go get yourself a copy and tell him Garvey Connelly sent you!

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