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Horror month winds down with a more conversational and laid back episode featuring callers, Halloween rants, and Scott Snyder/Scott Tuft/Atilla Futaki’s Severed from Image Comics

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Radio Free Echo Rift is a pirate broadcast transmitted from a secret location deep beneath the city of Philadelphia. Don and Mike discuss comics, movies, and the comics that they make based on what they see in the mysterious Echo Rift. New Episodes every Wednesday and most Fridays.

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Episode 38: Electric Halloween

00:36 - Intro
01:26 - Don and Mike’s Situation Recap
02:30 - CornJob and Flight Risk
03:10 - Rifters or Rifties?
03:42 - Caller - Batman #13
06:51 - Caller - Ethan from Ancillary Characters on Universal Movie Monsters/Hitchcock
14:33 - Letter - Comics cancelled too early
17:39 - Halloween Decorations
19:12 - Don gets on his soapbox #rant
21:21 - Scott Snyder/Scott Tuft/Atilla Futakii Severed (Image Comics)
22:50 - Severed: Jack Garron’s Story
25:22 - Severed’s early 20th Century setting
27:50 - Severed’s artwork
29:49 - Outro
30:00 - Look for Bonus Episode on Monday

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