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It’s horror month so we’re talking about the Paranormal Activity franchise, its mythology, and specifically discuss the latest entry, Paranormal Activity 4.

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Radio Free Echo Rift is a pirate broadcast transmitted from a secret location deep beneath the city of Philadelphia. Don and Mike discuss comics, movies, and the comics that they make based on what they see in the mysterious Echo Rift. New Episodes every Wednesday and most Fridays.

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Episode 37 - Parallelnormal Activity

00:36 - Intro
01:10 - Iron Man 3 Trailer a/k/a Molecular Disintegration of my Brain
03:27 - Voicemail - Allen from Ancillary Characters and Slenderman
06:34 - Mike Creepy Job at Catholic Church
10:39 - The Paranormal Activity Franchise - Why we love it
13:11 - Paranormal Activity 1 (Katie and Micah)
16:40 - Paranormal Activity 2 (Kristi and Dan)
21:02 - Paranormal Activity 3 (Kristi and Katie as kids)
22:46 - Paranormal Activity 4 - the first true sequel
25:35 - Comparing PA4 to the others
26:54 - Microsoft Kinect Effect
27:28 - Cameras and Recording Devices across the films
28:52 - Looking forward to Sequels - going on the Offense
29:48 - Outro

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