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A Very Special episode of Radio Free Echo Rift, where we take on New York Comic Con 2012 (recorded Friday night)!

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Radio Free Echo Rift is a pirate broadcast transmitted from a secret location deep beneath the city of Philadelphia. Don and Mike discuss comics, movies, and the comics that they make based on what they see in the mysterious Echo Rift. New Episodes every Wednesday and most Fridays.

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Episode 34 - Takes Manhattan

00:00 - Episode 34 is ON New York Comic Con Edition

00:31 - Brought to you from High Above NYC with special guests Matt and Harry

01:22 - How’s the con going?

04:21 - Statue talk, Mike rocks the Comic Book World with an Admission

06:16 - Stuff we bought continued

07:08 - Investing in The Defenders

09:13 - Astonishing Moon Night Discussion

14:43 - Bachelor Party Weekend

15:50 - Weird NYCC Sightings and observations

20:40 - Where will the night take us?

22:58 - Reporting on a squabble at NYCC (Hipster vs. Hobbit)

28:25 - Celebrity Sightings at NYCC

30:15 - Hell’s Kitchen

33:36 - Extra Special Outro

Call-in number: 856-208-RIFT


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