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Which franchise would we reboot? Don and Mike swap Revival #2(Tim Seeley/Mike Norton) and Wolverine #309 (Ivan Brandon/Raphael Albuquerque/Jason Latour)

Radio Free Echo Rift is a pirate broadcast transmitted from a secret location deep beneath the city of Philadelphia. Don and Mike discuss comics, movies, and the comics that they make based on what they see in the mysterious Echo Rift. New Episodes every Wednesday and most Fridays.

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Episode 19 - Dukes Up

00:36 - Welcome!
01:37 - Voicemail - Franchise Reboots
02:40 - Everything has been rebooted
04:30 - Reboot Star Wars and Harry Potter
07:58 - No Star Wars Reboot by “fans”
09:36 - Let someone else reboot your stuff
11:40 - Wolverine #309 (Ivan Brandon/Raphael Albuquerque/Jason Latour)
20:18 - Wolverine: Artists changing half-way through issue
21:32 - Revival #2 (Tim Seeley/Mike Norton)
24:58 - Revival: A Different kind of zombie story
26:00 - Fetish with desecrating human bodies
28:07 - Revival: Really likable family
29:02 - Outro

Call-in number: 856-208-RIFT


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