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Radio Free Echo Rift is a pirate broadcast transmitted from a secret location deep beneath the city of Philadelphia.  Don and Mike discuss comics, movies, and the comics they make based on what they see in the mysterious Echo Rift. New Episodes every Wednesday and sometimes on Friday.

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Episode 07 - Don’t Be the Better Man

00:32 - Introduction

01:16 - What was Epsisode 13?

10:09 - Echo Rift does reMIND

13:21 - Saga - Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

19:45 - The Ambition of Saga

20:17 - “R Rated” Comics

22:21 - Harsh content as a storytelling mechanism

23:33 - Caring about characters

24:54 - Dancing the line of shock value

25:51 - Can we still talk about Morning Glories?

26:41 - The Will

28:49 - Call me, Maybe

(Apologies, a number of times Don refers to “Wood” instead of “Vaughn” as the author - too many Brian’s!)

Call in number: 856.208.RIFT


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